Light Colour Sound | Film and Video production based in Cornwall
Film and Video production based in Cornwall and London. Lead by Director of photography Tim Boydell, RED epic owner & operator, Ronin 2 operator, Drone Operator and MoCo time-lapse specialist
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Film and Video Production based in Cornwall

Film and Video Production based in Cornwall

Our professional and passionate team of filmmakers have been working on film sets with the worlds biggest brands for over 6 years. Why? Because we love it, Filmmaking is in our Blood.


We work collaboratively on film and video production with our clients. Creating short films, Adverts and promos for both one-off messages and integrated social media marketing campaigns. It’s not all about on-screen ads, we also design integrated lighting and visual projections to change empty spaces into emotive and exciting Art Installations using Sound and Light.

Our multi-award winning Drone operators can cater to any needs while flying with Aerial Director of Photography, Tim Boydell.

“Compelling and High Energy Film Production for the Worlds Biggest Brands “

Drone Services

Drone Operators

We have been flying Drones Internationally for the purpose of Cinematography since 2012. Our service is Streamlined, Creative, Professional and very cost effective. Our Drones are operated by World Leading Pilots and Aerial Director of Photography Tim Boydell. In house we own the most up to date equipment but also have access to multiple Platforms and Custom rigs from our time served highly experienced Freelance Pilots.

Gimbal Operators

Film and Video Production Cornwall

We have several gimbals available for carrying a range of cameras from DSLR’s up to full Cinema Rigs. We were the first company to ever rig a Vision Research Phantom 4k Flex to our Ronin 2 and Tracking Vehicle. Available for dry and wet hire. Our Current Gimbal of choice is the DJI Ronin 2 with Custom rigging and multiple carriage options including Tilta Armourman 2 Body rig.

Buggy Cam

Film and Video Production Cornwall

Our Custom RC Buggy Cam brings with it a new way of thinking about low angle tracking from remote cameras. Fast and fully stabilised the buggy can deliver flawless and fast low level shots in a variety of scenarios or can be used in Crawler mode with VR cameras for flawless eye level 360VR coverage. With POV cameras and full visual remote control up to 100m this camera Buggy can be placed on dolly’s for Stage coverage or driven into explosions for unique angles at safe distances.

Motion Timelapse

film and video production cornwall

Utilising the Dynamic Perception Stage 1 and Stage 0 dolly rigs on NMX controllers we have a fully automated motion controlled timelapse rig’s with pan and tilt facility. We can custom build any length of track and carry any camera. The kits come as standard with Canon Full Frame DSLR’s and Canon L series Glass while also utilising Tiffen 4×4 Filters for Shutter drag and diffusion. Available for Dry and Wet Hire.

Film Equipment Hire

film equipment hire

All our kit is available for Dry and Wet hire (with references). Please visit out kit page to see whats available here in Cornwall. 2x Red Epics, Canon Cine Primes, Ronin 2, Sigma ART Glass Zooms, Tripods and other Grip just to name a few things. Please get in touch in advance with references for Dry Hire. Opportunities open with Discounts to film students and Charity Productions.

Underwater Filming

film and video production cornwall

Our passion for film has come from the ocean and our first films were always about surfing and Sailing. We own a custom RED epic DSMC1 Housing and full working kit. It can also house certain re-bodied Kowa Anamorphics. We also have 2x GH5 water housings for Dive and Surface filming. Available for Dry and Wet Hire with tips and tricks to achieve the best possible footage. We also offer a water safety service

LIVE Event Broadcasting

film and video production cornwall

Using 4g or Wifi we operate up to 6 cameras for direct Live viewing to the web. This includes Drones, Cable cams and other land based cameras. Utilising the Terradeck based output platforms with operators in constant contact over Radio we can produce high end LIVE content on the go from a multi camera setup. Get in touch early to guarantee availability of this service for your event

Tracking Vehicles – Flowcine Black Arm

film and video production cornwall

From our in house Cinevan to ATV’s, Jetski’s, Boats and even a basic hire car’s. Our Flowcine Black arm 4 axis suspension mount can rig to almost any moving vehicle with basic Grip from our experienced Grip Builders for flawless smooth footage over many terrains. Perfect for fast tracking or CGI Plates. Our in house DJI Ronin 2, RED epic and Tilta Nucleus-M f.i.z control can take any lens needed. Please get in touch early for availability on Cineflex and Shotover units

Film Scores & Music Production

Film production

In house music Producer Sam Boydell creates bespoke music tracks for 95% of our films. An award winning creative music producer working with many of the world’s leading film production companies while also partnering with the music Label 60hz creating new music weekly. We also Record Voice overs and cover Sound design and recording.

“Highly Experienced Drone Operators”

Drone Showreel

Drone Information

Drone aerial filming

Drone Aerial Filming

At Light Colour Sound we have been Drone Operators since 2012 and are one of the UK’s leading providers of Drone Aerial Filming. We aim to please with stringent Risk Assessment’s prior to shooting and Confident Creative Operators on Set. If you want to fly specific Cameras and Lens packages our Aerial DOP Tim would be more than happy to talk about whats possible whether your desperate for the Cooke look or looking to achieve the best possible Alexa comparison on a budget.

Drone Aerial Photography

Whether its film or photography, our drones are capable of doing it all. If you are looking for a bespoke drone aerial photography service we have all the right equipment to meet the job. Wide angle drone photography or zoom, our drone cameras shoot in the highest quality RAW formats to achieve the best results for our clients.

Drones & Camera Specs.

We have various drone units available from small quadrocopter drones through to larger drones capable of carrying 4K RAW broadcast quality cameras and heavy lift rigs that carry even larger cameras such as Red Epic and Alexa Minis.

“Film & Video Production Originating in Cornwall, Shooting Worldwide”

Drone aerial filming
Film Production Cornwall
Drone aerial filming
Film Production Cornwall
Drone aerial filming
Film Production Cornwall

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