Film Tracking Vehicles Flowcine Black arm and Ronin 2
Film Tracking Vehicles, Flowcine Black arm, Ronin 2
Film Tracking Vehicles, Flowcine Black arm, Ronin 2
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Film Tracking Vehicles

The Light Colour Sound CineVAN can be set for front, rear or corner mount at various heights using our Flowcine Black arm for up to 40kg of payload. Paired with the DJI Ronin 2 with wireless controls, Hard wired SDI cabling for immediate video transmission with no loss of image. FIZ control with the Tilta Nucleus-m and monitoring with the Atomos shogun HDR display similtaneusly to two smallHD montitors for driver and Director the CineVan is a crew cab 2018 model 170BHP Transit offering comfort and space.


Teaming up with the Film water safety team and stunt coordinators at H20 Safety we are now offering two unique vehicles . A Hamaha 3 seater 700cc 2019 Viking for ATV off-road compact use. Camera offering is stabilised through the black arm and Custom built frame. Soon to be released is our Jimmy-Jib version of this ATV with Black arm and Ronin 2.


We also offer a Jetski for bespoke projects carrying the Black arm, Ronin 2 and RED epic.

Drone aerial filming

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All our drones are fully maintained, regularly updated and built in house. From an 8 year background in electro technical maintenance and systems we are confident in our machines. This also means we can re rig from the ground up unlike many operators who have had their units built for them.

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