Surf Videographer & Underwater Camera operator - D.O.P Tim Boydell
Surf Videographer & Underwater Camera operator - D.O.P Tim Boydell
Surf Videographer, Underwater Camera operator, D.O.P, Tim Boydell
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Underwater Filming and Surf Videography


Surf Videographer and Film maker, RED Epic owner with Underwater Housing. Ive probably spent close to a quarter of my life in or on the sea and countless months spent looking at it. Living on the Coast of Cornwall, most of my life has been spent on boats or a surf board. Experience in water is key when collaborating with talent on camera. We can supply safety crew’s, guidance on tides, locations and of course creative input on lighting and lens choice.

Our A camera kit is RED epic with multiple lens choices. Three ports are available, 2 of which have Zoom and Focus Control.

The housing can also be adapted for DSMC 2 RED cameras

Our B camera kit is a Panasonic GH5 in a Nimar sports housing with zoom control.

Our C camera is the GoPro 7 which isn’t to be underestimated.

Insurance can be adapted for various job’s with a 1 week lead time. RA’s supplied on a per job basis location dependent. Some locations may need Assistants or water safety. Our Crew is First Aid trained.

All filming is carried out via Freedive techniques from surface to 10 metres

Contact us now to see how in water footage can add an awesome angle to your Film