Film and Video Production Based in Cornwall
Light Colour Sound provides the Leading Drone Service in the South West.
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Drone Safety Procedures

Drone safety is the ‘second’ most important aspect of our drone operations after creativity.

RAM’s will be bespoke for every job. In some cases a tech recce may be needed.

Our safety checks include.. Airspace checks, Land owner permissions, weather assessments, securing public access routes etc. We regularly work with Local Fixers and Location Managers to make sure all procedures are adhered too.

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Radio Communication

Drones can be loud and no one likes being shouted at! We supply headsets and external Directors monitors so working with the Drone can be as quiet and as enjoyable as possible.

Cordon Procedure

After our on site risk assessment we will decide whether it is necessary to secure off various public access routes so our take-off and landing zone remains clear at all times. We can supply spotters and Runners for moving locations

Weather Assessment

Prior to the flight day our team will assess the weather using various forecasting models. All this info will be passed onto clients on a 5day, 3 day, 1 day basis so that postponement or cancellation can be as early as possible. In 6 years we have only missed 3 days of shooting!

Local Authority Notifications

In the event that our operation takes us near to any busy areas or flight paths, the Police and Air Traffic Control centres will be notified of our whereabouts and intentions.

Landowners Permission

As stipulated by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority), it is absolutely imperative that we gain the landowners permission before and flights commence.

Drone Failsafe Systems

Our drones have in built emergency safety features such as “Return-to-Home” and “Auto-Land”, so that in the event of an incident an auto-pilot can be initiated.

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