Ronin 2 & Movi Pro Gimbal Operator || Tim Boydell D.O.P
Ronin 2 & Movi Pro Operator Tim Boydell, Director of Photography. Utilizes the DJI Ronin 2 for various stabilized operations. Used Handheld, with Body Vest, riding Segways or attaching to our Buggy cam, Flowcine Black arm vehicle mount or cable cam we can cater to any Stabilized head needs.
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Ronin 2 & Movi Pro Operator

Gimbal Heads

Ronin 2 & Movi Pro Operator Tim Boydell, DOP has been operating camera gimbals since their first evolution, having chased the technology advancement’s, building our own bespoke gimbals and pushing gear to its limits we have come to find our place sits with the DJI Ronin 2. We believe with time served experience that these are the best stabilized Gimbals on the market for Day to Day to use. Solid, Reliable, Robust and user-friendly. We can take the DJI Ronin 2 and via quick release attach to any Jib, Buggy, Drone in a matter of seconds.

Ronin 2 & Movi Pro Operators

Director of Photography – Tim Boydell

1st AC/Focus Puller – Ben Jones

Follow Focus Systems

Utlizing our Tilta Nucleus M FIZ control we can adapt 3 motors for full Lens control on any camera package. C motion and ARRI focus units have also been brilliant tolls on the DJI ronin 2 Gimbal

Video Sender – Wireless Transmission

The DJI Ronin 2 is both single and Dual control. In dual control mode or while the Gimbal is mounted onto an external source we use one of three Video sender options.

– Hollyland 400 small form factor 400m sender

– Teradek BOLT 1000 offers an industry standard for further distance

– Direct SDI no delay video link

Mounting Grip

The Ronin 2 can be mounted onto any rigging via mitchel mount or our custom vibration mount. In house we offer the following Grip options

Flowcine Black arm mount

– RC Buggy Cam (tero)

–  Cable cam

– Segway (with Operator)

Wireless Control

The Ronin 2 comes as standard with our Joystick remote and integrated RED and ARRI Run/Stop. Using the DJI force control we can operate the gimbal wirelessly from a tripod or handheld bars. DJI also offer a HIRE in option for Master wheels (pre-booked only)

Kit Hire

Our Gimbals, body harness’s and Grip are available for Hire. Due to technical setup we prefer to hire our gear with a technician who remains with the gear should there be any issues. This person can also be an operator for the gimbal while you use the dual control and/or wireless follow focus rigs

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