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RC Buggy Cam (terro)
RC Buggy Cam
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The RC Buggy Cam

Our custom built RC buggy cam, similar to the freefly terro is a truly unique bit of kit. Mounting the Ronin 2 via a vibration absorption plate we can use the buggy to film low angles at pace while looking up and allowing people or vehicles to pass over the camera.


The RC Buggy cam is also great for wildlife filming or getting a camera in a hazardous environment with over 300m distance for control link’s and video link alike.


When mounted with a VR 360 camera on the Ronin 2 the buggy offers a level and smooth platform to achieve ‘head height’ shots perfectly smooth.

Buggy cam comes with an experienced Driver and Gimbal operator. It can carry up to our RED Epic and reach speeds of 40mph for up to 15 minutes. It has brushless silent drive motors and can deal with rough terrain. It has its limitations but it also opens up for some fantastic shots.

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