Professional Timelapse Operator | Light Colour Sound
Timelapse Operators, Professional Timelapse Operators working with digitally controlled Motion Control equipment. Our in house team are highly skilled in post processing and HDR photography.
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Timelapse Operators

Timelapse is at the core of Light Colour Sound. Our Timelapse Operators have been travelling the world capturing stunning locations with motion controlled Timelapse gear for the Worlds biggest Brands since 2010.  Back in 2010 Tim made a Custom Time lapse dolly, before you could buy them out of the box. This opened the door for many of our clients to achieve new ways of filming locations without breaking the budget. Fast forward almost a decade and we use the incredible kit created by Dynamic perception. We have two track dolly’s, both with Digital NMX dolly controller’s. These kits can run all day and night. Our preference is Canon Full frame bodies and L series Glass shooting RAW images and processing through Adobe Lightroom and LRtimelapse for the perfect final films.


Tim was also a pioneer of the Hyperlapse technique. Rudimental in process, the outcome to a well thought out and perfectly executed Hyperlapse will blow the mind of anyone watching.


Not all Timelapse projects need to be shot in RAW and pixel peeped. If your looking for dynamic movement on a budget we can also cater for fast delivery and lower resolution with all the same creative input from our operators.

Contact us now to see how we can add Timelapse to your next Project