Time and Tide | Light Colour Sound
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Time and Tide

About This Project

‘Time and Tide’ – A film about St.Micheals mount, Cornwall

St.Micheals mount in Cornwall is an Iconic Castle and working village on the Mount of St.Micheal. At high tide is is only accesible by boat and at low tide you can walk across the Causeway. It attracts thousands of visitors and is a Gem in Cornwalls Crown. This film is a little insight into the people that make the island what it is today and to give a glimpse into the changeing seasons.

Shot : RED Epic, Sony A7R2 and DJI X5R
TimeLapse : Canon 5dmk2, Canon 6D and Sony A7R2
Motion : Dynamic perception stage 1 NMX 3 Axis, Ronin m, Gremsy H16, DJI Inspire 1 Pro
Sound/Music : Boyde Music score, Composed by Sam Boydell

Director, DP, Edit : Tim Boydell

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