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Cinehawk provides the highest quality aerial film and photography services. We offer our aerial drone film cinematography and photography services worldwide.
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Gimbal Operators

The Kit

We have been using camera gimbals since they’re first evolution, having chased the technology advancement’s, building our own bespoke parts and pushing gear to its limits we have come to find our place sits with the DJI Zenmuse, Ronin and X3/X5 Gimbals. We believe with time served experience that these are the best Gimbals on the market for Day to Day to use. Solid, Reliable and user friendly.

The Operators

The most important part – Without creative direction in this process there is simply no point having the gear to start with. Tim is our D.O.P and has extensive experience shooting with gimbals from rugged terrains of the French Alps to marble floored 5* hotels.

Follow Focus

No Gimbal would be at its best without FIZ control. At a basic level we always fit a Follow Focus, We use the DJI Follow focus for integration with the RONIN controls and during use on our drones. We can have up to 3 wireless units on the gimbal offering Focus, Iris and Zoom control.

HD Link

Our Gimbal’s are both single and Dual control. In dual control mode or while the Gimbal is mounted onto an external device i.e A Car, it will need our HD visual link. We use a Connex HD offering up to 2km of HD video with 0 latency LOS. A Director/Focus puller will be given a monitor for reference purposes while the gimbal is operated from the controls.

Mounting Grip

The Gimbal can be mounted onto any rigging through our custom made vibration absorbing mount. We have basic fitting mounts for cars and bikes and are always working on new ways of attaching our gimbal to things. In the process no we have are working on a waterproof Jet Ski system soon to be released.

Wireless Control

With Our RED epic we also use the REDMOTE for a full wireless offering while mounted on our Gimbals. With our Sony A7s2 and A7R2 we offer a much simpler form of wireless control through an APURTURE DEC remote which controls Focus and Iris on CANON lenses mounted to the camera. We use this in both Single and Dual operator mode with Great results

Kit Hire

Our Gimbals, body harness’s and Grip are available for Hire. Due to technical setup we prefer to hire our gear with a technician who remains with the gear should there be any issues. This person can also be an operator for the gimbal while you use the dual control and/or wireless follow focus rigs

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