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Film Production

Creative Direction

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Whether we’re working directly with our clients to develop the creative route of a project or collaborating closely with marketing and branding agencies, we strive to get the best ideas in front of our clients. Led by our bright and passionate creative producers, we guide our clients along the creative process by developing concepts, scripts and storyboards to meet, and exceed, their expectations.


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We work tirelessly to provide our clients with the best conceptual ideas for their project, ideas are everything in this game and the core to any creative beginings. To help the client visualise the concept, we provide comprehensive treatment documents, together with reference images, mood films and detailed explanations where needed


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This is the first stage in the pre-production pipeline where you can really get a feel for what your film is going to look like. As such, we employ storyboard artists who can fully visualise our concepts and map out the structure of the film.

Post Production

Post Production

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We offer a full range of post production services, including editing, compositing, sound design and colour grading. Overseen by our production team, we are diligent in producing only the very best work.


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Our editors work closely with clients, directors and producers to ensure the structure, narrative, pace and mood of the film matches the original brief. Our own in-house editing facilities mean we can deliver film in any format or resolution and work to tight deadlines.


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Primarily using Adobe After Effects, compositing and digital post work can be done in house or by our talented freelance Digital artists.

Video Encoding

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Delivering the final film in the right format and resolution is a vital part of any production process. That’s why we guarantee the final version is delivered for the desired usage and platforms. Generally our clients recieve a USB stick with multiple format’s of their product to play on anything from Bluray to i-Phones.

Colour Grading

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Achieving the right colour contrast makes all the difference to the final film, which is why we focus on perfectly enhancing or adjusting the colours and tones to produce broadcast standard films. Like most roles within the film making business we have our own style with colour grading but we are more than happy to work on a process from start to finish to achieve the right balance for any given film.

Sound Design

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Finding the right soundtrack for a film can be one of the most challenging tasks in post-production. Thats why we employ our own in house music producer and film Scorer. Sam aka Boyde has an extensive list of clients in the UK and abroad, as well as an extensive music library. Sourcing and creating the right sounds for your film is also an essential part of any production, that’s why we endeavour to design incredible audio accompaniments for all of our films.

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