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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Director of Photography, Gimbal operator

Tim is our main camera operator and tech guy, he has a great deal of experience in the film industry and has been the go to man for several of our biggest clients. He has a wealth of knowledge under that hair so if you want to talk about camera options, lenses, gimbals or grip then give him a call.

Qualified Drone Pilot / Safety and Risk assessment.

James has many years of drone experience under his belt and delivers a top quality piloting service, operating a variety of drones up to 20Kgs in over 15 different countries, in all kinds of weather conditions and film scenarios. He has a real passion for aerial film and a keen eye for the shot.

Qualified Drone Pilot / Music Producer

Sam is new to the team and is fast becoming a very talented drone pilot. Currently he concentrates on flying our Sub 7 KG units and also runs a side business as a music producer, producing some top notch sound bites for our clients. If you need a soundman on set then he is your man.

Drone aerial filming

Find out about our drones..

All our drones are fully maintained, regularly updated and built in house. From an 8 year background in electro technical maintenance and systems we are confident in our machines. This also means we can re rig from the ground up unlike many operators who have had their units built for them.

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