Drone Aerial Photography from Experienced Proffesionals
Light Colour Sound provides the highest quality aerial photography services. Offering Both Drone Photography and Aerial Photography from other Aircraft. From In built cameras to Medium Format
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Aerial Photography

Drone Aerial Photography is a fast growing industry and these days we are seeing more Drone images on Instagram than ever before. At Light Colour Sound we have been providing our international clients with new Drone perspectives for over 7 years and that experience counts for everything in Aerial Photography. Our Operators can visualise and organise shoots that will be successful and creatively driven so your in safe hands. We understand how light moves, composition angles change and how to utilise Lens filters properly.

We always research oncoming weather patterns, tide and other variables (secrets). This makes the difference between a lucky shot for your Instagram fans and a series of professional grade images from time served Industry leading Photographers.

We have various Camera Options available from our onboard cameras  to DSLR’s mounted to our heavy lift Drone units. We will help guide you thorugh the process of what is best to meet your needs.

One of the huge benefits of our newest systems is the ability to take photos and video without landing the Drone which gives us more time in the air calculating the perfect shot. Back when we started in 2012 we had 5 minute flight times and no ability to change settings once airborne which means you can be safe in the knowledge that the team behind the drone are highly experienced in achiving the shot under pressure.


Check out our Instagram to see what we have been up to and regular updates and images.

Drone aerial filming

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All our drones are fully maintained, regularly updated and built in house giving you confidence in our technical ability. This also means we can re rig from the ground up when needed.

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