Light Colour Sound | Drone Aerial Filming and Buggy Cam
Cinehawk provides the highest quality aerial film and Buggy Cam services. We offer our aerial drone film cinematography and photography services worldwide.
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The Buggy Cam

While we are always aiming to capture cool new angles it didn’t take long before we saw the possibilities of the Buggy Cam. Great for wildlife filing and great for some seamless shots through ventilation piping etc. Where the Buggy cam really stands out is on track filming, we film for shoe companies regularly and are always looking for the best ways to capture the shoes in running sequences. The Buggy cam offers a reliable, fast smooth way of doing this meaning we don’t have to film on wide angle lenses close to the action if we don’t want to, we can film back away from the action on a tighter lens, changing the perspective to a more cinematic look. We can also put the Buggy cam onto a dolly track and capture some amazing slow-motion fast dolly moves.

Buggy cam comes with an experienced Driver and Gimbal operator. It can carry up to our RED Epic and reach speeds of 40mph for up to 15 minutes. It has brushless silent drive motors and can deal with rough terrain. It has its limitations but it also opens up for some fantastic shots.

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