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Cinehawk provides the highest quality aerial film and photography services. We offer our aerial drone film cinematography and photography services worldwide.
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Drone Aerial Photography

Stunning moments in time, previously unseen perspectives, new compositions and chasing light. All these elements come together to get us super excited to take photographs from our drones. Back when we started we were limited to a certain lens’ and cameras. Here 5 years on we can take anything from a PhaseOne medium format camera to a GoPro into the sky to capture those breath-taking moments that still get us excited today.

One of the huge benefits of our newest systems is being able to take photos and video either simultaneously or without landing the craft and changing settings. This has been a huge step for drones in the last year so it gives us the chance to really be creative and not worry about the technology while we are at work.

Drone aerial filming

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All our drones are fully maintained, regularly updated and built in house. From an 8 year background in electro technical maintenance and systems we are confident in our machines. This also means we can re rig from the ground up unlike many operators who have had their units built for them.

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