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Cinehawk provides the highest quality aerial film and photography services. We offer our aerial drone film cinematography and photography services worldwide.
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Drone Technology

Our drones are custom designed to shoot aerial imagery, and boast the most stable flights achievable in the drone industry. On board stabilisation system gives it outstanding control, remaining stable in a variety of conditions. Lightweight frame and intelligent power distribution give longer flight times allowing you to get the shots you need.

Camera Options

Our drones can carry a range of cameras from the a simple GoPro through to cine-cameras such as the Red Epic Dragon.

Live Camera Control

Our drones provide you with a ground based viewing platform giving you complete of the gimbal and the camera and we also have the facility to add another monitor for directors if needs be.

HD Live Streaming

Uncompressed 4:2:2 1920×1080 10-bit video. Less than 2 ms latency. Range of over 300ft line-of-sight. Runs on 5V power. Weighs less than 40 grams. FCC, CE, and ROHS certified

State of the Art Camera Gimbal

Gone are the days of shaky, unstable footage! Through the use of 3-axis gyros and inertial measurement units, the new range of brushless camera gimbals achieve ultimate stabilisation.

GPS Accuracy

The specialised GPS unit utilizes high quality and precisely calibrated components, giving us complete control over the UAS at all times.

In-Built Safety Features

Safety is the most important part of Light Colour Sound operations. The Cinehawk has in built emergency safety features such as “Return-to-Home” and “Auto-Land”.

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