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Cinehawk provides the highest quality aerial film and photography services. We offer our aerial drone film cinematography and photography services worldwide.
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About us

Light Colour Sound has been on an awesome journey – with 9 years combined experience in the film industry and 5 years specifically spent flying and building drones we are not just another drone operator in this already saturated market. If you want to get the best equipment and the best team available you don’t have a lot to choose from and we personally believe we are in that top tier of this industry. For a small Cornwall based business we have gone way beyond our own expectations to find ourselves working internationally for some of the biggest brands in the world, seeing our clients happy faces and so far… always being invited back for more.


Our Work ethic is simple, go that extra mile, stay that extra hour for for the right light and always endeavour to make the best out of any situation, supplying the highest possible standard of footage or photography for your budget.


From the humble beginnings of a shed built drone to flying our own RED epic under a huge 20kg heavy lift… it’s been amazing so far and the journey has only really just begun.

Drone aerial filming

Meet the drones..

All our drones are fully maintained, regularly updated and built in house. From an 8 year background in electro technical maintenance and systems we are confident in our machines. This also means we can re rig from the ground up unlike many operators who have had their units built for them.

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Meet the team..

Almost anyone these days can pick up a camera or a drone.. and before you know it they’re calling themselves a camera operator or experienced drone pilot. With over 10 years combined experience in the film and drone industry we can provide you with the security in knowing that you are getting the right crew on the job

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