Light Colour Sound - Drone Operators and Experienced Filmakers - About
Light Colour Sound is a team of creatives working across multiple layers within the Film Industry from Humble business advertisements to Television Commercials
About us, the team, drone, Our History
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Our History

Light Colour Sound has been built on a creative legacy stretching back to 1930 when our Grandmother became a highly recognised painter. Jumping forward a generation our Mother was an inventor of recipes for her 4 Children, A writer of cook books and the creator of the original Clothing Brand ‘Just mums’. Meanwhile our Father who spent his early 20’s creating air brushed graphics for the worlds biggest brands was also a highly respected landscape gardener with creative vision.

It is safe to say we were always going to be inventive and creative in our work and life. As a stroke of luck, Tim became the Visuals and Sam became the Sound. As a result, Our Film Production Agency was born.

Based in Cornwall we are surrounded by inspiration. With room to breathe and think creatively its no wonder so many Artists, Musicians and Film Directors come here for time out. We were incredibly lucky to be born into this Landscape. We are Sea goers, Sailers and Surfers at our Core but appreciate the wonders of Modern Architecture and Cityscapes.

Our work ethic is to always go that extra mile, stay the extra hour for light and endeavour to always push for the best against all and any adversity.

From Humble beginnings in 2011 we have grown from self shooting small films on DSLR’s to being the South Wests leading provider to the Film Industry for Drone, Tracking and Remote Cameras. Working with the Biggest Brands names in the world on a regular basis we have been taking Cornwall to the corners of the globe for 5 years breaking new ground with Technology World firsts or proving that high production value doesn’t have to cost the earth.

We do not over produce

We listen, Learn and collaborate for exceptional results


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Drone aerial filming

Meet the drones..

All our drones are fully maintained, regularly updated and built in house. From an 8 year background in electro technical maintenance and systems we are confident in our machines. This also means we can re rig from the ground up.

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Meet the team..

We are a positive thinking and creative team collaborating with Agencies, Production Companies and Directors to bring Shots, Story’s and Films to life. Our Team has a wealth of experience across the industry working with the likes of the BBC on Drama’s and Documentaries, or Agencies on TVC’s. We are relied upon by some of the worlds biggest brands to bring quality and assurance to their productions and we always aim to fulfil our goals to the highest standard possible.

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